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Karma Or the Secret of the Mirror Universe


The mirror universe is perhaps the most important and profound understanding you can have about life, because it affects literally every experience you have. It takes everything you try to externalize and says there is nothing external. When you finally realize that the universe is a perfect mirror, reflecting back to you precisely and exactly what you have been holding in consciousness at the deepest levels, your life will change.

The Cosmic Mirror

Most people experience the majority of their thoughts and feelings in response to what they are experiencing in their life. For instance, there are bills to pay, meetings to attend, problems to solve and some things not going the way one would want. When those are the kinds of things that occupy a person's mind rather than being focused on what that person does want, the universe refers back to that person what they projected with their thoughts and feelings at both a conscious and subconscious level.

What turns out to be your mirrors are your friends, relatives, family, work, talents, situations, possessions, capabilities, opportunities, and everything else in your life. If you want to know what you believe, simply look at your life-It is a perfect reflection of what beliefs you hold at a very deep level.

Here Comes Karma

Everyone has heard the proverb, "You reap what you sow, but most people apply this to circumstances that usually have a negative consequence, like," He wasted his life on gambling and alcohol and now he is reaping what he sowed. "But it has a far broader meaning than people know or want to admit. It is so broad, as a matter of fact, that if people really thought about it they might find the implications frightening, and yet, on the other hand, it is also a key to unlocking everything you could ever want.

In a nutshell here is the key to life, the universe is a perfect mirror reflecting back to you precisely and exactly what you have been holding at the deepest levels of your consciousness. That sounds so simple, but I don't think most people ever think about it, or live their lives as if it were true. The very nature of the universe is that it has to give you what you ask for. This is why people of all faiths praying to God by different names still works. If a call goes out with faith, belief, and knowing that there is a God who will answer, the sincerity, belief and conviction of the intention causes the universe to respond. This is the way everything has been set up. It is the perfect system of justice.

So the reason people often don't have or get what they consciously want is because they have counter programs running deeply within them that put out the opposite intention into the universe. The forces of our feelings and beliefs from the past create the currents that orchestrate circumstances in our life today. This is essentially one of the ways karma works. Whatever we have energized in the past will manifest in our present and future unless we do something to change it.

A Key to Mindfulness & Change

When you finally realize that the universe is a perfect mirror, reflecting back to you precisely and exactly what you have been holding in consciousness at the deepest levels, your life will change. For one thing if you really pursue what this means you will do a deep soul searching, and begin to see how you have created your reality and how to create other realities.

Being aware of the mirror universe also causes you to become much more mindful through the day because you will find you are in the process of creation all the time. This is perhaps the most important and profound understanding you can have about life, because it affects literally every experience you have.

This understanding reduces everything down to a very basic process that is phenomenal. If something in your life is not working you don't have to waste your time looking outside of yourself for the cause, because it isn't there. You just look inside and even if you don't know what the cause is, as long as you get in touch with the feeling it creates you can clear the cause. This is most profound in it's simplicity.

The Problem

Here's the first part of the problem. No one likes admitting they are the cause of their own miserable circumstances, so outside causes are always found, or sometimes a person will say we are all responsible for what happened. This is not exactly true. You are totally and completely the source of everything that you experience. I don't say that to make you feel badly; quite the contrary. I say that so you will realize that since you are the sole source of your life experience you can create your life the way you want it. Can you see who there is tremendous power in this knowledge?

The place to start is by acknowledging that the first part of the problem with accepting the idea of ​​the mirror universe is that you don't want to believe it.

A True Story

Let me tell you a true story as just one example. A person was having all sorts of trouble with her car. The first problem was that the battery kept going dead and the car was taken into the shop several times but they couldn't find the problem. Sometimes the battery would go dead and sometimes it wouldn't. The second problem with this car was that it would stall on occasion. Again, the shop could not find the source of the problem. The third problem was that the ignition would screech when the car was started. This all happened over a period of several weeks and numerous trips to the shop to have the car looked at. None of the problems were able to be resolved.

This person being a conscious person decided to sit down and do some introspection to find out what was being reflected to them through their car troubles. What she discovered was that all 3 car problems related to personal struggles she was going through, and she connected that her soul, God, or nature was trying to get a message through to her in the most vivid manner possible.

She realized that what was happening on the outside was a reflection of what was happening inside of her. Here is how she analyzed the situation:

1. The battery died before its time. The battery was only 2 years old. She realized she hadn't charged her goals with enough energy within herself to succeed.

2. The engine would turn over and then stall or die. In her personal life she couldn't get past the first spark of inspiration to make her ideas get going.

3. The engine would screech when the ignition was attempted. She interpreted this as the engine expressing its outrage toward her because a part of it's own make-up was in need of repair and she was screaming her outrage at needing her own internal repair.

Now, I know you can say she was creating a myth or story that was all in her imagination, and while that may be true it was still having a real effect on her life.

So she looked at her situations through the model of her life being a mirror of her own consciousness and that enabled her to address her questions, issues and doubts. As a result she was able to get clear and get things moving in her life.

Once she realized there were parallels between what she was experiencing inwardly that were manifesting through problems with her car, when she took the car back to the mechanic and he was able to fix the car and it then ran perfectly.

The universe has all possibilities waiting to manifest, and it supports you in creating whatever you empower to create through your inner beliefs and intentions. Consider … while one person is making excuses why something hasn't worked for them, someone else is busy making a success of it with very nearly the same tools and circumstances.

The Second Problem with The Mirror Universe Model

Why do things seem to work for some and not others? The answer lies in the second part of the problem associated with the Mirror Universe model, and that is that the source or cause of circumstances is usually not immediately obvious. In fact, the origin of the pattern can date back many years or even lifetimes.

The beliefs you hold are so intrinsically held in your consciousness and in particular the unconscious areas of your mind, that you believe you had nothing to say about how you got where you are and what the circumstances are. You think you are a victim of circumstances, or that you were just dealt a bad hand, or destiny did not shine on you, or you have bad luck, or you weren't born at the right time, in the right place, or with the right parents. Right? Haven't you thought about some of those things?

Well, if you haven't thought about those things, think about them now. How did you get where you are? Was it all blind chance? No. The answer lies in realizing you live in a mirror universe. The mirror universe is perhaps the most important and profound understanding you can have about life, because it affects literally every experience you have. It takes everything you try to externalize and says there is nothing external.

Now, don't get down on yourself about this. I know it would be easy to think you screwed up somewhere and don't even remember when or how. Don't go in that direction because the mirror-universe awareness is actually very, very good news because it means that you can change your life. Rather than blaming yourself or anyone else, you can use the many tools for transformation that are available and you go into the very cells of consciousness that have formed your life experiences and shift or release the patterns.

The mirror universe is the perfect system of justice. When anyone makes a willful choice they set in motion the forces for the universe to reflect back to them precisely what they have willed and projected. The manifestation may not be immediate but it will manifest. This reduces everything down to a very basic process that is phenomenal. If something in your life is not the way you want it, look inside and clear the patterns that aren't working and establish the patterns to create what you want.

How to Work the Mirror Universe in Your Favor

You may say, "I believe I should be healthy, wealthy, and wise, but my life does not reflect it." If you think about it you would have to admit that you don't have a clue how your arrived at where you are. You can't really explain why you exist, and why all the things that have happened in your life have happened the way they have. It all truly seems to emerge from some mysterious place you don't know much about.

Everything emerges from thoughts, words, actions, beliefs and feelings we have energized in the past. We live in a field of potentiality that creates and forms itself according to our deepest thoughts and patterns we have set in motion. And yet there is no will or consciousness other than your own making decisions for you. It is totally your will, beliefs, intentions and desires that impel creation and therefore your experiences.

Although, thinking of what your life can be is a good start, you must have the idea and vision of where you want to go if you ever expect to get there. If you don't have that focus then rather than being self-determined you will be subject to the patterns of your past or the whims of others.

You can either make a determination for love and harmony, or one of discord and pain. It is only when you start to awaken to deeper truths than what the 5 senses tell you that you realize how you arrived at where you find yourself today.

Everything you think and do everyday is feeding into the stories which you are scripting and then live by. The stories you tell yourself today are the scripts that will manifest tomorrow. When you understand how this works it will definitely give you a motivation to make you more mindful about what you think, say and do.

The trick is finding out what you are doing that is creating what you don't want and discovering what you can do to create what you do want. Start by becoming quiet and still and take your attention away from what you don't want, and place your attention on what you wish to experience. Once you decide what you want believe you can have it, believe you deserve it, believe it's possible for you and believe it is manifesting in your life now.

When the voice, vision and belief on the inside become more profound and clear than the opinions on the outside, then you have mastered your life.

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Your Magic Mirror


It has been long known that a vividly imagined experience stimulates the same nerve and brain fibers that would be employed in carrying out the actual activity.

Similarly, findings from scientists who study the brain tell us about fascinating cells called mirror neurons. These cells become active when observing the behaviors and responses of others and it is suspected that they play an important role in our acquisition of new skills and in learning how to socialize appropriately.

This is why it is very sound advice for say a golfer to watch videos of a top player he or she wants to emulate. We learn by observation and imagination as well as by consistent practice.

Its also been said that we should pick our role models carefully because we will unconsciously pick up on their traits, both negative and positive.

Now sometimes you encounter situations where there is a lack of good external role models. Imagine the person who has decided to eat healthy but works with people who think the super-sized fast food meal is the greatest invention since the wheel.

Or the individual who has recently quit smoking who is married to someone that continues to smoke and has the childish attitude “well, something has to get you.”

Luckily there are some tools you can use to help you swim against a negative tide.

First there is the use of self-hypnosis and autosuggestion, where you deliberately program your unconscious to stay on the healthy path.

Another less known method is called the Mirror Technique. I first encountered it in Claude Bristol’s classic “The Magic of Believing” (Pocket Books, 1948) and given what we now know about the workings of the mind, it is definitely a keeper

What you do when you need encouragement is to find a mirror that you can see yourself from at least the waist up.

Take a few slow deep breaths to center yourself.

Stand tall and confident with your shoulders back. A confident posture breeds a confident mind.

Look intently into your own eyes and tell yourself out loud that you are without question going to succeed at what you have set out to do. Make sure your body language conveys the message as well as your words-a bit of an acting job is needed.

For obvious reasons the Magic Mirror technique should be done privately as it will definitely seem odd to an outside observer.

Make sure your tone of voice and choice of words convey a sense of resolve and confidence. A couple of sample dialogues.

Smoking Cessation: “You absolutely do have what it takes to be a healthy non-smoker for life. If other people choose to endanger their health with smoking that is their mistake not yours. You are done with that nasty, filthy habit, period!

Someone who has fallen off the healthy eating wagon. “You are an adult and 100% responsible for your eating habits. Being thin and healthy is definitely worth some effort. Now get back on track immediately.”

The Magic Mirror technique can also be used to practice being assertive in anxiety producing scenarios.

Gute Kauftipps für Digitalkameras


Das erste, was getan werden sollte, ist, Geld auf Digitalkameras einzuzahlen und sich damit einverstanden zu erklären. Diese Variante kann direkt für die Kamera bezahlt werden, was Ihnen beim Fotografieren hilft. Eine Digitalkamera ist so anders; Die Option kann es interessant machen, dass Sie nicht einfach interessiert sind, einfach zu kommen.

Sie müssen die beste Digitalkamera in Betracht ziehen und andere wichtige Aspekte berücksichtigen. Dies ist sehr nützlich, da Sie die Kamera verwenden möchten, da eine Digitalkamera Bilder mit unterschiedlichen Geschwindigkeiten aufnehmen kann. Sie beschließen nur, Fotos von Ihrer Familie und Freunden zu machen, oder Sie entscheiden, ob Sie Fotokunst lernen möchten.

Digitalkameras können in zwei Kategorien unterteilt werden:

1. Grundlegende Kameras

2. Erweiterte Kameras

1. Grundlegende Kameras: Diese Kamera ist nur eine vollautomatische Kamera oder eine Kamera im Ansichtsmodus. Sie können nicht nur das Objektiv wechseln, sondern auch die Eigenschaften, die leistungsabhängigen Punkte und die Aufnahmen durch verschiedene Bits voneinander trennen. In Consumer Reports erhalten wir drei Grundvarianten für die Grundkamera.

a) Grundlegende Punkte und Aufnahmen: Dies ist eine einfache tragbare Kamera, aber einige haben einen optischen Zoombereich von bis zu 23x.

b) Supper-Zoom-Punkt und Aufnahmen: Dieses Modell verfügt über einen optischen 24-fach-Zoom und eine Größe von 83 x. Viele Supermodule haben große Gaben; Sie können Ihre Kamera einstellen, wenn Sie die Kamera verwenden. Im Vergleich zu ihren Vorgängermodellen haben sich die neuen Modelle stark verbessert.

c) Wasserdichter Punkt und Aufnahmen: Einige Kameras in diesem Bereich können bis zu 50 Fuß wasserdicht sein. Andere können bis zu einem Bruchteil dieser Tiefe eingetaucht werden. Durch die verstärkte innere und äußere Gehäusekonstruktion sind die meisten dieser Kameras auch robust genug, um bei kälteren Temperaturen mehrere Fuß zu fallen und einwandfrei zu funktionieren.

2. Erweiterte Kameras: Mit einer Kamera können Sie die Belichtungseinstellungen steuern. Anschließend gruppieren wir sie mit verbesserten Modellen. Diese Elemente stellen diese Kameras jedoch einfach separat ein. Sie helfen dabei, hochauflösende Bildsensoren und andere qualitativ hochwertige Bilder zu erstellen.

a) Fortgeschrittene Point-and-Shoot-Funktionen: Wie normale Pants- und Shoot-Funktionen verfügen sie über nicht objektivfähige Objektive, es gibt jedoch manuelle Steuerungen und andere fortgeschrittene Funktionen. Die meisten von ihnen haben eine Hot-Mount-Funktion für Flash und können RAW-Dateien zur Verwendung mit Bildbearbeitungssoftware erstellen. Das Format und einige hochwertige elektronische Sucher – die helles Licht zeigen, mit denen LCD gereinigt und ausgehen.

b) Modelle ohne Spiegel: Diese Modelle verwenden Wechselobjektive als Spiegelreflexkameras, sind jedoch klein und leicht. Sie werden regelmäßig über einen Spiegelreflexsucher, Einstellknöpfe und ein Bildschirmmenü eingestellt. Große Kameras haben große Sensoren für größere Bilder und einige teure Modelle haben Vollbildsensoren.

c) SLR-Modelle: Kompatibel mit Wechselobjektiven und den meisten Objektiven. Sie sind die größten und schwersten. Sensoren und Spiegelreflexkameras können Dateien mit einigen wertvollen Spiegelreflexkameras wie der Spiegelkamera mit voller Breite aufzeichnen, die einen großen Sensor für eine verbesserte Bildqualität haben, durch den alle Spiegelreflexkameras mithilfe von Spiegeln wie ein Objektiv aussehen, um Bildbilder anzuzeigen.

Model Must-Haves!


Egal ob Casting oder Fotoshooting, es gibt einige Dinge, auf die ein Model nicht verzichten sollte! Wenn Sie sich vor diesen unerwarteten Momenten und gelegentlichen Katastrophen in Ihrem Kleiderschrank schützen möchten, finden Sie hier zehn Must-Haves.

Taschenspiegel. Wenn Sie in einen ziemlich kompakten Spiegel investieren, können Sie immer Ihr Aussehen überprüfen.

Pfefferminzbonbons. Humous schien zur Mittagszeit eine wirklich gute Idee zu sein, aber wenn Sie es einem potenziellen Wirkstoff lieber nicht gönnen möchten, sind einige Pfefferminzbonbons eine willkommene Ergänzung Ihres Must-Have-Kits.

Tücher / Tücher. Für alle Arten von Aufräumarbeiten im Notfall sind Tücher oder Wischtücher den Platz wert, den sie in Ihrem Set einnehmen.

Zahnstocher. Ein Lächeln kostet nichts; es sei denn, Sie haben ein halbes Raketenblatt zwischen den Zähnen – dann kann es Ihre Würde kosten! Überprüfen Sie Ihr Lächeln nach dem Essen und legen Sie für Notfälle einen Zahnstocher bei.

Klarlack oder Ersatzstrumpfwaren. Leitern sind kein gutes Aussehen. Wenn Sie Strumpfwaren tragen, können Sie frühe Leitern mit einem Punkt klaren Nagellacks einfangen, der als Miniatur gekauft werden kann und problemlos in Ihr Set passt. Für die absolute Ruhe der Seele lohnt es sich, Ersatzstrümpfe zu finden.

Das Wesentliche erfinden. Diese vier Elemente decken Flecken und dunkle Ringe um das Auge ab, geben Ihrem Gesicht ein wenig Wärme, definieren Ihre Augen und lassen die Lippen voller erscheinen: Immer einschließen; Lipgloss oder Balsam, kompaktes Rouge, Concealer Pen und Mascara.

In Flaschen abgefülltes Wasser. Bleiben Sie hydratisiert für ein gesundes Leuchten.

Wie ein Spiegel ein hilfreiches Werkzeug auf einer Modelleisenbahn sein kann


Ein kleiner Spiegel oder eine Spiegelkachel kann bei der Suche nach Knicken, Einbrüchen und Fehlausrichtungen in der Strecke hilfreich sein.

Um die Ausrichtung zu überprüfen, setzen Sie einfach den Spiegel auf die Kante der Spur. Mit dem Spiegel können Sie die Ausrichtung der Schienen überprüfen, indem Sie nicht direkt auf die Schienen schauen, sondern stattdessen auf das Bild der Schienen in den Spiegel schauen. Dies erspart Ihnen das Strecken oder Bücken (nicht so einfach, wie wir älter werden). Ein Spiegel schützt Sie auch davor, Spuren in Ihrer Wange zu hinterlassen, wenn Sie sich vorbeugen, um etwas aus der Nähe zu betrachten.

Wenn Sie an Ihrem Modellbahn-Layout arbeiten, bücken Sie sich und schauen Sie entlang einer Schiene. Die Schiene wird wahrscheinlich sehr glatt sein. Wenn Sie jedoch das Bild der Schiene in einem Spiegel betrachten, stellen Sie möglicherweise kleine Knicke und Einbrüche fest, von denen Sie nicht wussten, dass sie vorhanden sind.

Wenn Sie also keinen Straußenhals haben, kann sich ein Spiegel als sehr nützliches Werkzeug in der Werkzeugkiste eines jeden Modelleisenbahners erweisen. Ein Spiegel ist besonders nützlich, wenn er neben dem Gleis platziert ist, um die Aktion von Lastwagen und Rädern zu beobachten, während sich der Zug über eine Problemstelle bewegt. Wenn Entgleisungen ein Problem darstellen, kann ein kleiner Spiegel hilfreich sein, um das Problem zu lokalisieren.

Ziehen Sie auch in Betracht, einen Spiegel zu verwenden, wenn Sie eine Spur an schwierigen Orten verlegen, und sogar wenn die Spur im Freien ist.

Der verstorbene John Allen, der für sein Gore & Daphetid-Modellbahnlayout berühmt war, verwendete geschickt Spiegel.

John Allen hatte mehr als 30 Spiegel in seinem Layout, von denen die meisten nicht nachweisbar waren. Die Verwendung eines Spiegels kann die Tiefe über den Hintergrund hinaus erhöhen. Es kann den Anschein erwecken, dass eine Modellbahnanlage für immer weiter besteht.

Beispielsweise; Ein Spiegel kann eine Straße oder eine Spur reflektieren und den Anschein erwecken, als würde sie in die Ferne rücken. Es kann den Anschein erwecken, mehr Gebäude oder Bäume zu haben, als es tatsächlich auf dem Modellbahn-Layout gibt.

Ein Spiegel kann auch am Ende eines Rangierbahnhofs platziert werden, um eine doppelte Größe zu erzielen. Die Verwendung eines Spiegels ist eine einfache Technik, kann jedoch insbesondere bei kleinen Modelleisenbahnanlagen sehr effektiv sein. Verwenden Sie Spiegel jedoch mit Bedacht, und positionieren Sie sie sorgfältig, um eine optimale Wirkung zu erzielen. Sie haben keinen Zweck, wenn Sie nur Ihr eigenes Spiegelbild sehen können – es sei denn, Sie sind ein Wellensittich!